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Identification files

Ruben Seranus Nuke(Leader Character) 53fb73e0d1a482f92f49fd55_541032a49b6108533146464d_320

Basic Information

Full name: Ruben Seranus Nuke

Age: 34

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 198 lbs.

Race: Android

Date of Birth: 1/25

Land of origins: Kingdom of Atomega

Source of image: Shota from Seikkan


PHY: 4
DEF: 8
CRT: 2
RES: 4
450 AP and 1000 HP

Personal info

Personality Ruben is a very calm guy. He usually keeps a stoic expression on his face most times,and rarely ever changes emotion. When he does change emotion,it is usually very important to him. Another instance of him changing emotions is when he is in a fight. When in a fight all bets are off,and he will most likely go all out. He for some reason,is in love with food,and either has wrappers around him,some food with him,or eating food. He likes fighting to an extreme extent,usually to the point of fighting his own team for sparring. He is more of a tech guy though,and is not used to exploring new areas or fighting grimm he hasn't already fought. And to be true,he has barely fought grimm. He prefers the scientific sides of things and likes making weapons and upgrading them. He is a nice guy though,as long as you don't do something he hates.

Group:  Silver Talons(Leader)
Likes: Food,Making weapons,Technology,Electricity
Dislikes Disassembly,Shutting off,Things breaking,Boredom

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color:Orange
Semblance:Electromagnetic Manipulation:Ruben can manipulate particles in the air to manipulate lightning in different ways.(Attacks:5|10 ratio of aura to damage) He can also bend it to his will to make tethers or walls.(25 AP per use of non-attacks)
Weapon: (Tier:6) (Physical):Dual Pistols:Ruben wields two dual plasma pistols that he calls "Circuit Breaker" and "Override"

2nd form:Ruben turns Override into half of a rod by turning the handle parallel to the barrel and extending it. He then attaches Circuit Breaker to the top of the rod,where it forms a plasma blade in the space between the barrel and handle and extends 2 feet,forming a spear.

3rd form:Ruben extends and enlarges the barrels to the size of a sword then turns the handles parallel to the weapon and combining the two pistols together. A gap forms in the middle with small iron bars along the gap. A small part extends out towards Ruben and gains a handle and a place for ammo forms at the end of the handle.  The weapon is transformed into a plasma rifle,but can only fire 3-6 shots before needing to cool down from extreme overheating. It's destructive power is phenomenal,so Ruben made 2 rules for it. 1.Use it against a cluster of enemies,an heavily armored enemy,or a big enemy. Never against a weak individual. 2. NEVER,EVER fire at a area with many innocents,or they will be hurt.
Armor: (Tier:6) (Physical):Extremely reinforced tungsten plates:A hard almost unbreakable plates covering Ruben's body,made from a rare metal.

Ruben was awoken by a bright light,seemingly the sun. He stood up and dusted himself off. "Location:Unknown,Origin:Capital City:Omega Tech In.,Purpose:Help the kingdom of Atomega,"he listed. He was made to become part of The Silver Talons,the mercenary group,that have recently gone downhill ever since its last guildmaster has departed. He was sent to a random location to find one of the members to find out how to join. "Supplies:Repair kit,Tech kit,Observational tools,blueprints,and shell,"he listed off again. He activated his shell to coat himself in his camouflage. People still know about androids and aren't afraid of them,but they usually keep shells over themselves to appear humans and not scare them. Ruben then noticed one thing was missing. A weapon and armor. He trolled over to the pod he was sent in and looked through some boxes. Most of them is food,water,oxygen tanks,human necessities. 5 minutes later,Ruben laid his eyes on something. A box labeled tungsten was open. "Tungsten,a metal that is extremely rare and brittle in its purest form but extremely hard. Ranked as the hardest naturally occurring metal. This could be useful." Ruben grabbed the box and used some other boxes and some metal sheets that fell off the pod to make a makeshift metalworking table. He used a plasma saw he had in his tech kit and formed plates out of the metal. He then used some leftover metals to make himself two pistols. "Now I can protect my self." Ruben turned around. "Foreign sounds coming from 56 degrees south and 23 degrees west. Sound identified as leaves rustling." Ruben aimed the pistols at the source of the sound before abruptly turning left slightly. "Come out of your hiding place,or face the consequences." "Hmm,good eyes,ears,and sensors. Would you like to join the guild." A man,who looked roughly in his 40's,came out of the shrubbery he was hiding in. "You must be that robot that was supposed to be sent over here,right? You must be well built in order to find me. The code name is Calibur. If you want to know my actual name,ask me when I get to know you more,sound good?" Ruben smirked. "Sounds good. The name is Ruben Seranus Nuke,and yes,I would like to join your group."
RP Sample:
Ruben raised his weapon up to the light. Design of the silver talon is on,and the weapon seems to be repaired. Thank Oum for the mercenaries advanced technology. Ruben transformed Override into its rod form,then attached Circuit Breaker to the top and formed its plasma blade. Nice,spear mode is working. Rifle mode was already checked. Now to test the efficiency of them. He walked towards the training area of the guild and talked to Root. "Hey Root,you think you can hook me up with one of the large beasts. Like a Nevermore or Deathstalker,"Ruben asked. "Sure Spark,are you sure you can take care of this one,"he replied. "I'm testing out the rifle,I'm going to need one of the big guys for it to be safe," Ruben said. "Okay buddy. Just remember to shout out the word when it's getting to tough in there for you." Root opened the heavily reinforced door and let Ruben inside. He immediately shut the door after Ruben walked in. He heard the familiar screech of a Nevermore. A flying guy huh? Guess it can help with accuracy. Ruben transformed his pistols into rifle mode and attached his scope to it. "Time to die Nevermore." Ruben ran around the Nevermore,attempting to confuse it. "Vital points should be torso and wings." Ruben fired a shot at its left wing,immediately blowing it off. The Nevermore however was still able to throw feathers at him,and one hit his shoulder. "You little jerk. Now you die." Ruben charged up a shot,not from his rifle,but from his hands! He fired the massive bolt at the Nevermore's head,where it hit. The bird let out a massive screech before dropping to the ground and dispersing. Data on Nevermore still incomplete. Conclusion,collect more data and exercise caution around Nevermore.

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