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Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography Empty Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography

on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:20 am
Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown
Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography 30byzrc

Ignia Edna Flameheart
Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography Eurhqr
Basic Information

Full name: Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown
                              Ignia Edna Flameheart

Race: Human (Both)

Age: 24 (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
        20 (Ignia Edna Flameheart)

Height: 6' 0" (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
             5' 8" (Ignia Edna Flameheart)

Weight: 145 lbs (Both)

Date of Birth: December 25th (Both)

Land of origins: Federal Republic of Tarakia (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
Kingdom of Stella-Nova (Ignia Edna Flameheart)

Source of image: Irisdina Bernhard (Schwarzesmarken)
Blazing Heart 3rd Job (Elsword)


Both have the same stats
   PHY: 10
   DEF: 10
   M.ATC 10
   M.DEF 10
   CRT 10
   RES 10

   450 AP and 1000 HP

Personal info

   Personality: Cynthia is an extremely cold, distant, and aloof person. She is a rather quiet and taciturn person who rarely speaks about anything pertains to herself or her past. However, she does possess an extremely morbid sense of humor which can spook the most hardened of soldiers. Due to her life as a child soldier, she has grown accustomed to seeing life as expendable. Cynthia has no qualms or reservations about killing a person or the effects that would have on the world around her. She also enjoys the act of tracking and sniping a target which makes her the perfect sniper/assassin. However, Cynthia is a very professional person, so she only kills her target and no one else. Cynthia also prefers being undetected during her missions.

Ignia, on the other hand, is a rather free-spirited, outgoing, energetic, and rather flamboyant person. She is extremely sociable and talkative which is an utter contrast to her more taciturn partner. Ignia really enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Despite of this, she takes her responsibilities seriously. For example, she will not tolerate anyone who wronged her little sister, Aetheria, in any way. When around her little sister, Ignia's extremely doting and sisterly side reveals itself. She is also the only person who is able to make the Aetheria open up a bit. Ignia also tries to help Cynthia open up to no avail. This often causes a weird dynamic to happen between the two.

   Group:  Covenant (Both)
   Likes: Sniping, Tracking her targets (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
              Freedom, Being a older sister (Ignia Edna Flameheart)
   Dislikes Anyone from Atlas (with a passion), Being detected during missions (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
                 Anyone who messes with her sister (with a passion), Her parents (Ignia Edna Flameheart)

   Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

   Aura Color: Midnight Blue (Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown)
                      Red (with Orange and White aura mixed in) (Ignia Edna Flameheart)

   Semblance: Invisibility (Cynthia): This semblance allows Cynthia to become invisible which allows her to sneak into places undetected.
                       Eternal Fire (Ignia): This semblance allows Ignia to wield the power of the Eternal flame. This allows her to use flames in various ways in combat.

   Weapon: Physical (Cynthia) - Cynthia uses a custom made rifle called the Exitus rifle and a pair of Exitus pistols as her weapons of choice. The Exitus rifle is for ultra-long-range combat while her pistols are for close range use.
                  Magical (Ignia) - Ignia uses a weapon called the Blade of Ardent Flame. It is a magical weapon which enhances/amplifies the effects of her Semblance. Ignia could use it like a normal sword as well.

   Armor: Physical (Cynthia) - Cynthia sometimes where a set of Tarakian Medium Body Armor when it is needed on missions.
                Magical (Ignia) - Ignia wears a set of magically infused clothing which grants her her magic defense. However, her clothing is somewhat flashy which reflects her personality.


Cynthia was born in the Federal Republic of Tarakia which was formerly known as the Kingdom of Tarakia. To be exact, Cynthia was born in the capital city of Astra Nova. Her parents were snipers who were hailed as heroes after their actions against the invasion led by Atlas. Cynthia lived peacefully with her parents until the age of 6. It was during this time where the Tarakian Revolutionary Army launched a fierce surprise attack against the capital. During this attack, the city was razed, and Cynthia’s parents were killed. Afterwards, Cynthia was forced to become a child soldier for the TRA. She soon became a world-class sniper and assassin. Due to this, she was sent to kill leaders of the loyalist faction. However, she took these missions to cover her true intentions. After gaining the trust of the TRA leadership, she began assassinating them in vengeance for the crimes they did to her hometown and her family. At the age of 14, Cynthia managed to kill all but one of the TRA leaders. This TRA leader fled the country leading her on a ten-year hunt. At the age of 24, Cynthia soon tracked her target down to the Kingdom of Atomega.
On the other hand, Ignia Edna Flameheart, was born under totally different circumstances. Ignia was born Ignia Rosalia Schwertkreuz in the Kingdom of Stella-Nova as the 1st Crown Princess of the kingdom. From a young age, Ignia was trained in the ways of royal so that she could inherit the throne. However, Ignia never really liked that kind of life so she soon began rebelling. After a couple years of trouble-making, her parents sent her outside the kingdom to the Kingdom of Atomega to see if exposing her to the outside world would mellow her out. However, this lead to Ignia developed a love for the free life. During her time outside the kingdom, Ignia became a member of the Silver Talons mercenary group. She quickly returned home to her kingdom at the age of 16. However, her parents were extremely opposed to her being a mercenary, so they gave her an ultimatum: Leave the Silver Talons or be disowned. Ignia chose the latter and left the kingdom. She soon began a four-year journey around the world. At the age of twenty, Ignia found herself back in the Kingdom of Atomega. It was here where she was going to make her a life for herself.
RP Sample:

It was a rather quiet day at Covenant Headquarters. Cynthia was busy dissembling her Exitus Rifle in the room she shared with her partner, Ignia. The Intelligence Division of the kingdom hadn’t assigned them any orders, so she and Ignia had a whole day of free time. Cynthia decided to take this time to clean and maintain her weapons. On the other hand, her partner decided to leave for a bit so that she could talk to her little sister, Aetheria.
Cynthia didn’t know much about this girl, Aetheria. All she knew was that she had the guts to demand that the Covenant tell her the location of Ignia. From the chatter amongst the rookies, Cynthia heard that Aetheria had been searching for Ignia for about two years. She couldn’t help but comment Aetheria’s guts and determination. However, this isn’t the thing that surprised Cynthia.
The thing that surprised Cynthia was her partner’s reaction to hearing that her sister had been searching for her. It was during this time where, Cynthia saw a lot more caring side to her partner. To be honest, she didn’t expect anything like that from her rather free-spirited partner. Cynthia always thought of her partner as a free spirited pyromaniac.

Cynthia T. Harlaown
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Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography Empty Cynthia T. Harlaown Mech Unit Loadout

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:13 pm
Mech Unit Load out

Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography Xljshx

Nickname Longshot

Mech Stats

PHY: 50
DEF: 50
R. DEF: 50
ULT: 50
EWA: 50

Weapon and Armor type

Main Weapon: Hyper Mega Cannon, Mega Cannon, Double Beam Rifle, Nova Cannons, Dual Mass Driver Cannons, Vulcan Cannons, Missile Launchers, Large Missiles, Cluster Missiles, Tactical Missiles
Armor Type: Heavy (Rank 10)
Ultimate Weapons: Armageddon Heavy Assault Pack

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Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography Empty Re: Cynthia T. Harlaown and Ignia Edna Flameheart Dual Biography

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:15 pm
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