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King Michael Atomega III, King of Atomega

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:11 pm
Identification files

Basic Information

Full name: Michael Atomega III

Race: Human

Age: 47

Height: 5'9

Weight: 168 LBS

Date of Birth: 5/24

Land of origins: Atomega

Source of image:

Clan: Crafter Clan


PHY: 1
DEF: 10
M.DEF 10

250 AP and 300 HP

Personal info

Personality Michael is a strong leader at heart protecting his kingdom first and fighting the enemy second, though he doesn't want to fight if not needed but he will send people to help fight. He also believes in the potential of his people to be very strong and can even rival the most skilled huntsman from other lands, he believes this because like his father he sees how his people fights and how the protect their families from the Grimm and white fang. Not only that but his clan also has taught him to look at people as a building ground, each and everyone is different but can become great structures one day. Michael is also a father but is to busy to interact with his children because he is a king of a nation and tries his best at being both a father and a king.

Group: Royal family
Likes: His kingdom and its people
Dislikes Bandits and Invaders

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: Gray
Semblance: Royal Guard: A semblance that spawns in a dome that protects anyone in it from harm but the shield only last as long as the user stays in it or is awake. (5 AP per turn)
Weapon: Atomega's protector: A great sword that have been passed down from king to king. (physical)
Armor: King's attire: Armor made for a king, literally, the armor is meant for only show but still can be used in combat if needed. (physical)

Michael was born in the castle of Atomega's capital city, he was the first prince of 3 children 2 of which were male. By age 2 his semblance had appeared and he was stuck in his dome for about 3 hours before it went away. This had brought up problems but non of which would cause the young prince to cause any harm.
By age 8 he had met his future wife, Martha Arcwing she herself was the sister of the current Valkyrie clan leader. This did bring some tension between the clan and royal family but worked out in the end because by the age of 25 they were happily married and was expecting a child soon, their first of 8 was a girl named Lotus Atomega who would find friendship with Kat Scorchwood since the prince and princesses were not allow to leave the castle so they only have a limited amount of friends. The second and third child born 2 years later, both males named Oswald and Oscar both pranksters at heart. The next child born a year later was a male name Shanks and was known to be training with the captain of the royal guard. The next child was born 1 year later and was female who was named Katherine who was the book worm of the royal offspring. Finally the last three all born 3 years later were 2 girls 1 boy the girls being named Destiny and Clover while the boy was named Michael Atomega IV.
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Re: King Michael Atomega III, King of Atomega

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:11 pm
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