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The Doll, horror of Atomega

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:32 pm
Identification files

Basic Information

Full name: Referred as "The Doll"

Race: ???

Gender: appears to be Female

Age: appears to be in her early 20 but real age unknown

Height: 5'11

Weight: ???

Date of Birth: ???

Land of origins: ???

Source of image:

Clan: ???


PHY: ???
DEF: ???
M.ATC ???
M.DEF ???
CRT ???
RES ???

??? and ???

Personal info

Personality: When it comes to personality one can only imagine what this being is like, the doll seems to think hunting down people and killing them is a game. She seems to kill on impulse like she must kill or she will die, other then that her personality seems to be similar to that of a young child. Little is known of her and why she is this way only she or it knows why it does what it does, further more it seems to attach it self to a person that it can not kill becoming friendly to that person and listen to what they say, if she is told not to kill it will not kill anyone but will find a substitute for killing, normally chomping on something or someone, normally a skull of one of its victims.

Group:  The Doll
Likes: Killing things and people she can not kill
Dislikes People that steals her kills and people killing themselves when she wants to kill them

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: midnight Blue
Semblance: Pain Killer: A semblance that causes massive pain in their victims, this cause them to loose half the victims attacks and cut their defense in half as well
Weapon: ???: Three blades that seem to act like the Dolls hands, the can cut through nearly everything
Armor: Body: Its body seems to be dense as steal

There is no known history foe what this monster is, all we know is that it showed up one day and started its kill spree. It has been a plague on the land ever since but it seems that it stays in the dark sectors killing anything it comes in contact with. It is unknown who has survive a encounter with it and we will never know.
Quill Scorchwood
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Re: The Doll, horror of Atomega

on Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:55 pm
The monster that lurks in the dark deeps of the dark sector has arrived. APPROVED
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