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Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Odin Academy Student File Empty Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Odin Academy Student File

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:04 am
ODIN Academy Student File

Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Odin Academy Student File If0md5

Basic Information

   Full name: Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz

   Race: Human

   Age: 18

   Height: 5' 6"/162.56 cm

   Weight: 130 lb/58.96 kg

   Date of Birth: January 1st

   Land of origins: Kingdom of Stella-Nova

   Source of image: Aether Sage (Elsword)


   PHY: 1
   DEF: 1
   M.ATC 10
   M.DEF 4
   CRT 10
   RES 4

   250 and 100 HP

Personal info

   Personality: Aetheria is an extremely mysterious person personality wise. Due to this, Aetheria is an extremely quiet, reserved, and very taciturn person who rarely talks or   associates with people. Aetheria has an extreme dislike for being around large groups of people for any period of time. Instead, she prefers to spend most of her time by herself where she can "enter her own private world" where she can delve into things in great detail. In addition to this, Aetheria is an extremely secretive person who never speaks about her background, her history, or her abilities. This makes it extremely hard for people to determine Aetheria's intentions or motivations. In addition to this, people also have an extremely hard time determining what she will do next.

   Internship: Covenant
   Field: Arcane Division
   Likes: Magic, Traveling
   Dislikes Grimm, Dishonest people

   Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

   Aura Color: White (with Light Blue energy mixed in)
   Semblance: Aetherial Affinity - Aetherial Affinity is a Semblance which allows Aetheria to generate/manipulate Aetherial Energy. Aetherial Energy is an extremely ancient form of    elemental energy. Aetherial Energy powers all of Aetheria's magic. Due to this, Aetheria can use Aetherial Energy to cast various Aetherial Magic spells (50 AP/Spell) and various    Aetherial Glyphs (25 AP/Glyph).
   Weapon: (Magic) Ancient Staff of the Aetherial Magus - The Ancient Staff of the Aetherial Magus takes the form of a staff which Aetheria uses to channel/amplify Aetherial Energy and cast her spells/glyphs. (Tier 1)
   Armor:  (Magic) Ancient Armor of the Aetherial Magus - The Ancient Armor of the Aetherial Magus is a set of mythical cloth armor which provides unsurpassed magical protection. (Tier 1)

Aetheria was born on January 1st in the Kingdom of Stella-Nova. Her parents were the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Stella-Nova. This made her by birthright, the 2nd Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Stella-Nova. Due to her status, Aetheria was destined to be raised in the exact same way as her older sister, Ignia, so that she could inherit the throne. However, her path in life changed dramatically when her parents discovered that Aetheria had an extremely strong affinity for Aetherial Energy. After discovering this, her parents sent her to some of the best mages and magicians that the kingdom had to offer.

At age 6, Aetheria began learning magic under these tutors. She proved to be naturally gifted in magic and she soon mastered everything they had to teach. However, a blind Aetherial Sage came up to her and offered her a way to make use of her affinity for Aetherial Energy. At age 10, Aetheria began training under the blind Aetherial Sage who taught her how to use her innate affinity for Aetherial Energy. It didn't talk long before she had mastered all that the Aetherial Sage could teach her. After completing her training, Aetheria returned to her home where she began her studies as an Arcane Scholar. Her intelligence and quick wit soon impressed her tutors and she soon became part of the Arcane Society in her Kingdom. However, a defining moment in her life occurred.

At age 12, Aetheria watched as her older sister, Ignia was disowned by her parents after they had heard that she had become a mercenary for the Silver Talons. Her sister was soon banished from the Castle and the Kingdom forever. Aetheria locked herself in her room for a few day afterwards. Soon after, Aetheria began receiving extremely long letters from her older sister describing her journey and all the exotic places that she had visited. It didn't take long before Aetheria developed a great love for travel and the world.

A few years later, Aetheria stopped receiving letters from her older sister which worried her. After receiving no support from her parents as she tried to find out what happened to her older sister, Aetheria soon became fed up with her parents' lack of concern. Aetheria decided that she was going to search for her older sister herself. At age 18, Aetheria "escaped" the castle and fled the kingdom with help from her loyal servants. Her destination was the Kingdom of Atomega where her older sister's last letter was sent from.
RP Sample:
Aetheria was sitting quietly in the backmost corner of the passenger ship when the captain of the passenger ship reported through the intercom that the ship will be arriving at the Kingdom of Atomega in about five hours. The ship was almost completely empty except for herself and the ship crew. This sea route between the Kingdom of Stella-Nova was rarely used by anyone except for the world’s numerous trading companies and trade caravans. To add to this, most countries never

The lack of passengers didn’t brother Aetheria one bit. To be exact, the current situation was perfect for Aetheria. It was rare for her to be able to spend time like this. However, this moment didn’t last long when a crewmember came it with a cup of tea. Aetheria gladly took the cup of tea and began sipping it as she looked out the window she was sitting next to.

“Five more hours and I’ll be in the Kingdom of Atomega. It has been quite a long journey for me.” Aetheria thought quietly to herself. To be honest, she couldn’t wait to get there so she could set out and do what she needed to do.
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Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Odin Academy Student File Empty Re: Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Odin Academy Student File

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:57 am
Student Level Access Granted, good luck in your internship student
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