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Quill and Kat Scorchwood

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:49 pm
Identification files

Quill Scorchwood

Kat Scorchwood

Basic Information

Full name:Quill and Kat Scorchwood

Race:Quill and Kat: Human

Gender: Quill: Male
Kat: Female

Age:Quill: 26
Kat: 13

Height: Quill: 6'4
Kat: 4'6

Weight: Quill: 164 LBS
Kat: 84 LBS

Date of Birth: Quill: 1/25
Kat: 3/17

Land of origins: Quill and Kat: Atomega, Black water

Source of image: Quill:
Kat: Jack the Ripper: Fate/apocrypha

Clan: Quill: Berserker clan
Kat: Valkyrie clan


Both have the same
PHY: 10
DEF: 10
M.ATC 10
M.DEF 10
CRT 10
RES 10

500 AP and 2000 HP

Personal info

Personality Quill is a well rounded person, keeping business out of personal matters, he his also very short tempered so annoying him would be a bad idea. He also makes a great leader and most of his team mates see him as a older brother, though most of his team mates are either older then him or the same age as him. Kat on the other hand acts her age when she isn't in combat with someone, she also doesn't like woman all that much cause she isn't the type of girl that likes being around other woman for some reason. She also tends to act like Quill when she has her own team or at less acts like she is this massive and powerful person, she is but minus the massive part.

Group:  The Covenant
Likes: Quill: sleep and games
Kat: Sleep and sweets
Dislikes Both: Annoying people and Atlas people

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura color:Quill: Crimson
Kat: Cat Eye Yellow

Semblance:Quill:  Ravager: This let Quill gain 10x his stats and weapon/armor out put (Cost 100 AP per post)
Kat: Shadow strive: A blink ability that can be used as many times but drain stamina from using it to much. (Cost 5 AP per use)

Weapon:Quill: (physical) Executioner: This weapon is a hulking axe that can transform into either a ultra great sword or Rail cannon.
(Special)Primal Hunter: A pair of gauntlets that house both a powerful compact crossbow and large wrist blade, is also a replica of the Branding gauntlets.(both Tier 6)
Only one weapon can be used one at a time.
Kat:(physical) Little Ripper: A set of short swords that are curved with a curated blade on one side(Tier 6)

Armor:Quill: (physical) Rogue demon coat: A coat meant for combat, made with the strongest materials in the land (Tier 6)
Kat: (physical) Little killer outfit: it is design for small bodies like Kat's body with assassin grade shorts (Tier 6)

Quill and Kat were both born in a town called Black Water, this town was nice until the city of Atlas supporters used the land to dump their sludge in. Their father belonged to the Berserker clan while their mother belonged to the Valkyrie clan. Soon the land became some disusing that it looks more like a waste site then a town now, but one day the city was raided by bandits and the sludge was set on fire. Quill was 12 then and Kat was just born that year. They had went to the capital after that had happen, the captain of the royal guard had found Quill and Kat after Quill tried getting Kat a family to take care of her, they gave Kat a wet maid and made Quill into the apprentice knight the captain. Once Quill was 15 years old he had finished his training as a apprentice and was give his own squad to command, all of them being in the same age as Quill, for 2 years that have shown true skill and power, the king then gave Quill his own division, The Covenant. Through those years Quill had brought up his covenant to be known as the hero's of Atomega, but there was one problem they had no base of operation, so they went to the ruins of Black Water and had rebuild it to serve as their headquarters. Soon after Kat had join the covenant with her skills and became second in command of it, not because she is Quill little sister but in how she does as a leader.
RP Sample:
Quill was getting ready to take a nap in his base when he got a message from some random member of 247th division. It is strange to hear from that division cause it is a division of all woman, Kat saw it and ask "Who the hell is messaging you right now, i want to take a nap but don't want to start without you.""I don't know, some randoe from the 247th division wan't to video chat with me for some reason, also you need to start sleeping in your own bed it is getting weird waking up and finding you in my bed with. You're 13 and i don't want the other thinking im in to little sister stuff, that is just weird." Then he started the video chat and it was something that always happen, one girl calls him up, says she loves him and then he says "I am not looking for a relationship right now,
sorry and good bye."
then hangs up and goes take a nap.

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Quill Scorchwood
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Re: Quill and Kat Scorchwood

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:39 pm
Mech Unit Load out

Nickname: Friendly Fire

Mech Stats

PHY: 50
DEF: 50
R. DEF: 50
ULT: 50
EWA: 50

Weapon and Armor type

Main Weapon: Heavy RailGuns, Heavy Gatling Cannons, Heavy Morter, Cluster missiles, Gravity cannon, Heavy plasma cannon, support drones (Range mode)
(Melee mode) Heavy Sword, Heavy assault gun, Heavy Claws
Armor Type: Heavy (Rank 10)
Ultimate Weapons: Final Stand Cannon/ Sword.
Quill Scorchwood
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Re: Quill and Kat Scorchwood

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:59 pm
Approved and this character can only be used only in PVE at full power.
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Re: Quill and Kat Scorchwood

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